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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Daughter of God

Last night I went to a "Night of Excellence" with my two oldest daughters and my hubby. These nights are a chance for the Young Womens leaders and for parents to recognize the talents the girls have and the strong spirits that our daughters are. Last nights theme was the temple. Now, usually when I get going on these things I drag my feet and look for excuses to not go just because I really dont need just one more thing to do or one more place to go in a day. Yesterday was especially tiring becaue I spent 5pm to 6:15pm at the elementary school going to the kids parent teachers conferences...then I ran home and changed and waited for Jon and his mom to show up so we could go. Busy, busy, busy....

Now, on a side note I have to say how grateful I was to Betty for walking into my disaster of a home and taking care of my little orphan children so that Jon and I could go together to this. I was so grateful for that because I ended up so happy that Jon and I could share in this experience together. These are our children and as much as possible we try to go to these things together.

Back to the girls night...the minute we walked into the church the spirit was there. The display for the girls things was beautiful....pictures, scriptures, art projects all centered around the temple were on display and each girl was represented so beautifully. I walked through the displays slowing, trying to absorb the beauty that is each girl. It was set up perfect so that by the time you entered the relief society room you were already feeling a strong spirit.

It only got better from there. Two of the leaders got up to start and read an email from the YW's president who could not be there due to the flu and I was already crying even before they started. After that there were four young women who had earned their medalions this year (equal to a young mans Eagle Scout). McKenna was one of them. All four were invited up and each one in turn was spotlighted by their fathers. It was so wonderful and I think my love for not only my daughter, but for the other 3 girls increased that night. Then they had a wonderful man and friend to everyone sing a song on the guitar. Again...more tears. After that a video of the years events in Young Womens. Activities, camps, and service projects.

By the end of the evening I could soley testify to the power of a young woman. The power that is her spirit and the unending love that our Father in Heaven has for each and every one of them. I love all five of my daughters and that will never change. I only hope that as the years go by I can help instil in them how much they mean to me. How powerful they are. The influence for good they can be. They have been chosen to be on the earth at a very hard time and I know they each one in turn can repel satan and stand for something good. I am just so grateful that I have been priviledged enough to be a part of it.

Daughters of God, women of light, chosen children of our Heavenly Father, divine spirits, no matter how you put it, all our daughters are a gift that shines for us always.

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