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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Better late then never!

I know, I know...it's been way too long since I posted last. I guess life just got away from me for a while there! So here it goes....

By the end of April the house was ready to sell. We put in on the market and then went on vacation the very next day. We had a couple people go through the home and by the time we were on the beach in Capistrano we had one of the couples going back and forth with us on offers. Long story short by the time we got home the middle of May our home was under contract. Our lives were such a whirlwind after that I don't remember much to be honest. We packed and cleaned like our butt's were on fire and by the time the kids finished school we were out. It happened that fast. I think my mind is still reeling from that alone. Well, our new home in Santaquin, that took us weeks to find and secure, wasn't going to be ready until July 1st so we decided to take a nice long vacation in St George. The condo down there was gorgeous, spacious and just what we needed after two straight months of chaos. We swam three times a day for several hours at a time, we sat around, drank Dr Pepper and played around town. It was quiet, low key and wonderful! Watching the bats at night while sitting on the patio, basking in the warm sun by day and making weekend trips to Vegas is what the doctor ordered for a very tired family. The weekend before the 1st of July we packed up our meager belongings and headed back to Salt Lake to get the moving process going again. After a weekend at Grandmas we got all ready for Santaquin....and then....

We found out by our PODS guy that there was still someone in the house. Like...what??? Our stuff was there and the owners were not out. NOT GOOD! So, after sending our stuff back to PODS and talking to the leasing agency we decided we had two options. Stay in an empty house in Spanish Fork until the middle of July, or go looking for something else. So we looked. We only spent two days looking and two days later we were starting to move into our new home. It happened that fast. We looked, we found out we could have the house as soon as we paid the deposit and we moved in! We just knew it was meant to be...so here we are now, lakeside in Saratoga Springs. We are loving this location, impressed with the schools and excited to be here. The home is beautiful, although we do need to finish the basement so that Isaac no longer has to sleep in the loft! But the owners will work with us on that one, thank goodness.

So, we got moved in, and then we thought...."How can we live one block from the lake and a marina and not have any water craft?"...so, our big splurge this summer was a few used wave runners. Let me tell you, that brings me to a younger, crazier version of myself when I get going really fast on glassy water with the wind blowing in my hair! The kids have loved them! And by the kids I mean ALL of us!

This place is beautiful, it really is. It's a nice place to hang our hats for a few years. Are we going to stay forever? Maybe, maybe not. I still think our family will eventually end up down south, maybe it just wasn't the right time yet. I think the Lord knew I was going to have a hard time staying up north, but being lakeside, in a quiet community where my kids can be bussed to school might stave me off for a few more years. Here's for hoping anyway! I promise to post some more about the details of life, our pursuit of happiness and all that jazz later....but not too much later!

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