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Monday, March 29, 2010

The things they say....

There we were as a family sitting on the couch watching TV. We were quite happy with our little family at that moment. Everyone was quiet and the TV was blaring. As a woman came onto the screen I remember thinking that she was very well endowed...well, I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Colby, who was tucked into the crook of my arm, looked up at me and sweetly said...

"Mommy, do girls have boobies?"

Trying to keep a straight face I said,

"Yes, honey they do..."

"Then do I have nibbles mommy?"

"Well Colby, I guess that's what you could call them...if you want. Yes, you do have nibbles then..."

My goodness you should have heard the laughter from my family. It was just too funny. I love moments like that. They make parenting so worth while.

A few years ago while pregnant with one of the kids (I think it was Colby) I was doing my usual housework when Lacie came in and asked me for a snack. I gave her one and as she walked out I was looking at her backside realizing that she hardly had a backside. As she casually walked out of the room I said "Have fun you skinny minnie", her response? "I will you old fat lady". I have to say that instead of getting my feelings all hurt I just burst out laughing. I was old to her, and since I was 8 or so months pregnant I was by definition fat...so she was right, right?

I love those moments...those days where someone says something funny that makes me laugh, even when I am trying to be mad, sad or whatever. I love and hate those moments. I want to be mad, or upset and the kids completely diffuse me. How wonderful they are.

I have to wonder if I ever said anything like that. If I ever brought a smile to my mom's face when she least expected it. Have you ever watched that show the Bill Cosby hosted? The Things Kids Say...I have watched it a few times, but I have to say that the funniest things I have heard from my kids are the things that are completely unsolicited. Completely unrehearsed. Those are the moments that I think how fun it is to be a parent. I have to wonder if our Heavenly Father ever looks down on us and just laughs. Right out loud. A genuine belly laugh. He created us in His image...I have to imagine he does.... :D

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