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Monday, January 3, 2011

The thing about their feet

It has come to my attention after having nine children and living with a man for 15 years that people are pretty particular when it comes to their feet. Even me.

Isaac had the funniest thing as a little guy about his feet. They always had to be covered. When he was three we bought him some loafers. There were two pair in the box, a white pair and a black pair. The funny thing was he had to have one of each color on his feet or he refused to wear any at all. I have a few photos of him sporting his black and white attire and it still makes me laugh. But to this day he wanders the house in socks, or wears his shoes right up until bedtime. His feet are the softest feet I have ever felt, but they also are the stinkiest feet ever. Always having them covered lends to that I guess.

Some folks walk around flaunting their feet like they are God's gift to pedi-style while others hide them, even when going to see a podiatrist. "Can't you just look at this diagram of my foot and get the the idea?" My daughters adorn their toes with rings, nail polish and ankle bracelets, but they are still just feet. Toes for balance, rough bottoms for durability and long funny look to them for walking purposes. Polly hates it when anyone touches her feet and Jon loves it if I will be willing to give him a foot rub (which has only happened a few times in our marriage. I have this thing with germs and in my mind the foot carries a lot of them!). Everyone has their thing.

Colby refuses to wear socks which makes his shoes really stinky. It takes me a long time to ingrain into each child's head that if you don't take the time to put on socks your shoes will come to stink soon and bad. Most of them have this concept down, but Colby still doesn't care. He just doesn't want to bother with finding two socks that match. I think my laundry abilities might have something to do with that....

My feet? My feet aren't ugly by any means, but they certainly aren't very pretty either. My toes are long and funny looking, my heals are dry (because of the refusal to wear shoes), and they just look like feet. I don't have much of a foot aversion or fetish, but I do have my hang ups. Just like everyone else. I hate shoes. I don't wear them unless I absolutely have to. Every pair of my socks has holes in them and it drives Jon mad. He believes that in the 14 years we have been married he has had to fund more than a thousand dollars towards my sock fund. I don't think it's that extreme...but it might be close.

You don't hear much about people's hand hang ups, or knee hang ups...but the foot...there are more than a few things people love about them, or hate about them. I think the funniest part about that though is how often do you really look at a persons feet? I couldn't even tell you what shoes my kids wore to school today. I am usually looking at their faces to see if they got all the breakfast off of them, or out of their teeth. The feet? As long as their covered in the winter I usually just don't give a darn.


  1. I'm not much of a shoe person either. In summer I usually leave my feet bare but winter it's softie socks and nice slippers. All. The. Time. I have learned though, after a nice visit to a spa for a pedicure and getting a sweet lecture from a French pedicurist, to love a pumice stone after a hot shower. No cracky heals on me any more. Nice soft feet.

  2. I sprained one of the bones in my feet jumping off the trampoline with Glen and the podiatrist gave me an earful about never wearing shoes. He said I will make my arches fall. But I think I have nice arches and he only convinced me to wear them a little more often, but only a little. I hate shoes and socks. I like bare feet. It probably comes from running around barefoot so much as a child. But a pumice stone and some good lotion are my best friend in the summer so me feet don't crack.
    So you did want every one to tell you about their feet after this post, right? :D