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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming home

What a long week. Me with my cold, Skyler with his cast, lots of kids and no dad. If a person ever wants to know how their presence affects a family, they just need to disappear for a while. They will know. I hope Jon knows how his presence affects our family. He thinks he's gone a lot with the second job, and let me tell you, he is. However, him being home at night, or at least a few nights a week, and on saturdays makes a difference. He may not think so, but it does. I read a quote a while back that goes like this;

When your absence does not alter someone's life, then your presence has no meaning in their life.

Simple words that make a profound statement. I know when certain people are missing from my life, and then there's others that I can go long periods of time without seeing or hearing from and it doesnt seem to make a huge difference. This week I have seen my kids struggle without Jon here. They miss him and so do I. My oldest boy is especially out of sorts without his dad around. Being a boy born right in the middle of four sisters you can imagine how this kid feels most of the time. His dad is his comrade in arms, his soul mate and his best friend. Isaac has missed his dad. But so have all my kids. We have managed ok with all the day to day things. I am a pretty strong person and I can do as much if not more than most with what I have. Sick, pregnant and chasing nine kids I have managed just fine. But it's been somewhat lonely. The kids feel the same about him. It's time to come home.

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