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Friday, July 8, 2011

Soon, oh so soon

I really think it's starting to hit me. After nearly eight months of near denial, I think we are going to have a baby. I have spent so many months waiting for the "inevitable", but I can't deny it anymore. I am huge, as so many cute little neighbor girls have pointed out, this little kiddo loves to dance on my bladder, and I can actually say "next month". It's all real now.

Sadly enough I can't say I have enjoyed this pregnancy, which is a first. Its been fraught with stress and worry. But one thing I will enjoy is being able to share these late nights, up with insomnia, with a warm, sweet, soft little person. Nursing, watching tv, cuddling. It's always been my favorite time with my newborns because with such a crazy household it's the only time I get with them alone. Just the two of us. Other women can't wait for that time to end. I don't. I love those late nights, at least the first three or four months anyway. :)

"I have loved you forever sweet baby girl. I believed in you long before anyone else did and I have waited a long time for you. I have lost several while waiting for you, I have taken criticism for getting pregnant with you and I get weird looks all the time from strangers who think I am foolish for having you with all I have already. But non of that matters because I knew you were there, patiently waiting. I am ready now, I want to love you in my arms. Cuddle with you and shed a tear or two over you. You will make our family complete and we all can't wait to meet you. There's just one thing, can you please help with what to name you? We are a little stumped on that one!" :)

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