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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update...facebook style!

I don't have a joke of the day today. I just had a joke of a day....

My kids are all alive, well and you will know if they're mad at me because they will post it on their status update and all their friends will like it!

I liked 12 peoples statuses today, 10 yesterday and we shall see what tomorrow brings.

2 people tagged me in photos and I called two people and threatened them to untag me or I might have to do something drastic.

Our city got snow, and you know it by the posts of friends and family, so I spent the day stalking other friends who live in Hawaii, St George, Las Vegas and Phoenix in order to placate myself about our snow....

I have a few friends and family that are about to have babies, two that are going to the dentist today, three that went on awesome dates with their spouses, two are starting new jobs, four on vacations, three have church activities, several that love life, and few that are not so in love with life and one cute daughter that hates Price.

Tax season is upon us and Facebook reflects it. Jokes, humor, pages to like and lots of humor at the governments expense. Kind of like those!

My status updates are not life riveting things, just daily life. I have lots of dentist appointments right now since we have flex spending up and going! My kids are my life, my loves and the reason I will need a straight jacket by the time I am 45! And I do enjoy Pinterest, maybe a bit too much!

Not much to tell right now, maybe there will be more by the end of the week? Around here things can change overnight!

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