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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my...

So, here we are at Halloween...which is so weird to me anyway, because I swear it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital for the day having a baby. But, alas it's a year later and how things have changed. But this year my focus is really on the holiday and the kids. Last year I was really preocupied, understandably. My kids are all it's about this year.

So the subject comes up around sept 15th every year....

"Mom, can I be a blood sucking vampire this year for halloween?"
"Weren't you that last year?"
"No mom, geez, that was Megan..."
"Oh, sorry, my bad"

Each one in turn comes to me with wild adventerous ideas, each costing around 50 bucks to accomadate. But I have to say that some of their ideas really rock.

So, Abby wants to be a dead dancer. She has this beautiful dress and a bloody knife that looks like it has gone straight through her head. Isaac on the other hand wants to be a clone troooper. Now this one is a little harder to find. Store after store are sold out, so we may have to go with plan b which is my favorite....a MIB....(men in black!)

Megan wants to be a devil....haha...very fitting, and Kenna is our resident asian beauty. Jessi wants to be a cute witch, for the 2nd year in a row, and Colby wants to be batman. Joe has a hard time picking his costume out, but has chosen to be the grim reaper, while Lacie is another fairy. (She chooses this or a bride nearly every year!)

Now, once everyone is dressed up and ready for pictures its just hilarious. My home looks like any well stocked classroom and we have everything from ghosts, ghouls, devils, princesses, tinker bells, fairies, geishas, star wars dudes, and the list goes on.

I love halloween, I always have. I got this from my mom who always loved this holiday. I think this was her favorite. For many years she would dress up, meet the trick or treaters and have a ball helping us find costumes. She still comes to the parade at the school with me. I love to dress up, love to trick or treat, love to go to the halloween parade at the school every year and get new ideas. I am really excited that this year I can actually participate in the festivities with everyone else, since I missed it last year.

Either way it's going to be fun. We get dressed up, bundle up ( it should be in the mid 40's that night), and go out and beg for candy. Man I love this holiday!

Happy Halloween everyone, you've been "BOOed" !

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