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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday..the day of rest?

My question this evening is..why are Sundays so dang hard? I hear over and over again how Sunday is the day of rest, and how it's a family day and how we should spend it doing quiet things like scripture study, baking goodies for the old lady across the street or taking nice family walks. Well?

Our Sundays usually go something like this: We wake up way too early considering we have 1pm church this year. So here's mom trying to keep the little kids quiet so they don't wake everyone else in the house up. Well, by 7:15 it's a lost battle...most everyone is up. Except for Jon and Kenna...they sleep in. Kenna longer than Jon though. Then by 10 am I have fed everyone at least 2 different breakfasts and some of the kids are already working on lunch. They think that with nothing else to do, no friends to play with and boredom seeping in they need to eat away their time. By 11 am I am desperately trying to get the last of the kids into the tub for church and trying to dry the clothes for the kids that put their Sunday clothes at the bottom of the laundry and I never got around to getting it done.

Then I realize it's noon and we still have lunch for several kids to get done, and sure as shootin neither Jon nor I has yet to shower. We argue over who gets in first (first one is the one who takes the kids who are ready to church on time. So, we both want to be in the shower last!).

Once we have all made it to church we start with Sacrament meeting. Now for those of you who don't know...it's an hour and ten minutes of sit still and be quiet and listen. Which non of my children are even capable of! So it's more of a fight of who has had a fruit snack and who hasn't. Whose turn is next with the markers and who is going to clean up all of Skyler's cereal off the floor. We have had kids crawl under benches all the way to the front of the chapel, Joe has thrown barbies around, Isaac and Abby play keep away from Lacie and Jessi laying in the middle of the isle with her blanket sucking her thumb. Oh sooo much fun!

If I make it through that meeting without falling apart once the closing prayer is said, then it's off to classes. I love this moment...off to classes...go away sweet children...you are somebodies else's problem for two hours.

If we make it through classes ok then it's off to home. The kids run to the car, run in the house, run to change their clothes and run right back to the kitchen...cause surely all that torturing of the adults in their lives for three hours has left them famished! I always make crock pot dinners so that the minute we walk in we can sit down and eat. Ugh...by now I am usually exhausted.

Mind you were not done yet. It's only 5 pm and we have to try to keep the kids happy for another 4 hours while we anxiously await bedtime! Bickering, fighting, rough housing, yelling and so on mark the hours and make them seem to just creep by.

Usually by 10 pm I am so tired that I sit and ponder this "day of rest". It's the hardest day of the week....surely! I have heard that someday I will miss all of this. I say ??????

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