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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cabin fever...

Here we are again at that most dreaded time of year. February. Everyone that lives in Utah hates February..unless you are a ski bum and can go every weekend. The rest of us get just so darn sick of the cold, the inversion and the frosted over windows of the car every morning.

For months now it's been too cold for the kids to play outside..which leaves them indoors, bored, fighting and constantly battling over one of the screens in the house. TV, computer and Nintendo. They have had colds, drudged through the slush to get to and from school and have been yelled at multiple times a day to "put on your coat!". They can't breath through the inversion while at recess and I have told Jessi about a thousand times that just because the sun is out it does not mean that we can get out the baby pool and the hose!

Then there's me. I have to say that my favorite time of the year is summer. Now Jon would strongly disagree with me because he hates the hot hot heat, but I love it because it means that I bring out the baby pool, a lawn chair, a soda and a friend and just sit in the shade and watch the kids play in the pool and enjoy them being happy....which makes me happy. Summer is the very best time of year in my opinion. There are parks to explore, the zoo to frequent (you can never tire of those silly monkeys...it's like watching your kids in cages!), hit some lakes for some day trips and just pure laziness at home. Outside, outside and more outside.

Wow...I have to stop with that...I am making myself drool....it sounds so wonderful. So here is what I do to appease myself during this miserable time...I make plans. I search campgrounds...find new ones and reserve the old favorites. I start making plans for our trip with the kids to Vegas, start making plans for summer vacations. Dream big I say...it's what gets us through this most miserable time of year!

October is sooo cold, but so fun! Halloween has to be one of the best holidays ever...and now with Sky's bday right then it will be twice as fun.

November is fun too. Thanksgiving is right up there with Halloween. A completely no pressure holiday...spend time with family eating great food. Yum yum...

December is fun also. Even if Christmas is stressful it's still so fun to watch the lights go up through the falling snow, see the decorations and play in the new snow of the year. I like December.

January is ok. It's starting to lose it's appeal by now though. I don't hate it yet...but it's always a long month because we begin to look forward to spring and summer.

By February it's all over...I am done...no more yuck...no more cold...no more "Oh yippee! It's snowing again!" It's more like "ugh...snow again...I hate that!"

I am ready for a beach, palm trees, warm water and sand that drifts between your toes so softly that it almost feels like water....that's what I'm ready for!

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  1. I think we should bundle up in coats, get some lawn chairs, and drag out the fire pit. During the early afternoon. Night is too cold. :) And let's not forget mirrors for tanning purposes.