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Monday, February 22, 2010

We're all in the same boat...

I find a certain amount of joy in talking to others. Most everyone in my life knows how much I like to talk...and I think the reason I like to talk is because when you really start to talk, you find that as hard as your own life is, so is everyone else's. There have been so many times in the last few months where I have sat at home pining away about my life, only to talk to a friend and find that they also have had hard times. Sometimes harder than what I think I could handle and I suddenly find myself grateful that I am having to deal with my own problems.

One example...Halloween night. Halloween is always a long day for me. Parades at school, costumes, makeup, kids that have issues with costumes and last minute runs to walmart and it was Sky's first birthday. We were trying so hard to do so much and by the time I got out to go trick or treating with the kids I was exhausted. I got to go with the little kids this year. Which isn't very hard...just a swipe around the block, maybe the next one for good measure..then were done. Well...half way down our own block, we went to trick or treat at a home, where there were folks that I have not gotten to know, and the lady who was sitting on her porch with another woman nicely said that they were not celebrating Halloween this year. I did not want to pry I just said thanks and went to move on. By the time I was waiting in the next driveway for the kids to run to the door the lady had caught up with me. She was holding a bowl of candy and kindly apologized. She explained that her mother had died the day before and that they were having a hard time. I nearly stood right there in the driveway and cried with her. I had never met her before that night.

I have a dear friend whose husband might be unemployed by the end of the summer. I have friends with health issues. I have family with financial issues. I myself have gone through a lot this last 6 months trying to have another baby. Everyone has problems...no one is exempt.

When my kids come to me and tell me how they were bullied at school...crying through the entire story. Or when they come and ask me why the baby that was in my tummy died, or even why we can't go to Disneyland when their friends can the only answer I have for them is this..."Life is just hard sometimes"...and that's the long and the short of it. "Why did Skyler have to have surgery and diabetes?" Because life is just hard sometimes.... "Why do we have to get sick?" "Why did my friend have to be so mean?"...Life is just hard sometimes.

I can only hope that through this tough life...which is not going to get any easier for them...I can teach my kids about hope, faith and joy. Life is hard, but that doesn't make it bad. You can still love life, enjoy life and live your life to the fullest, even though it's going to be hard. I try to laugh everyday, smile at strangers and help those that need me even when all I want to do is sit and hide and cry because believe it or not that makes me feel better in the long run. Knowing that I have comforted someone in need. Knowing that I can put my arm around a loved one and tell them I love them. You receive what you give in this life, you won't have to take for yourself because the more you give the more is given without question. What goes around comes around...which side of the ball are you going to be on?

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