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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Will you get up already?

I am mom. I do not sleep in. I do not sleep at all sometimes. But this is not a problem for several other people in my home. I recently had words with my hubby over the alarm clock.

It's set for 5:35 am. At 5:35 it goes off. He pushes snooze and goes back to sleep. He repeats this in 9 minutes, and then turns it off 9 minutes after that and still dozes back off...and all the while I sit there wide awake, very frustrated.

"Honey, what time did you set the alarm for?"
"I don't know..around 5:30..."
"Are you going to get up to it or what?"
"I intend to...."
"Well, it wakes the baby up if it keeps going off...so please just get up to it..."
"Well, sometimes I don't sleep well and I don't know for sure if I am going to want to sleep in or not...I just have to wait and see..."

Yes...wait and see at the cost of me not sleeping...

Then there's my 2nd oldest daughter Megan...I wake her up initially at 6:15. I have to do this because she sleeps so deeply that an alarm clock does not phase her. It wakes everyone else upstairs up, but she can sleep right through it. I have always said she sleeps like the dead.
First wake up call at 6:15.
Second one at 6:18.
Then I turn on the lights.
Then about 2 min later I pull off all the blankets.
Then about 6:22 I have to pull her out of bed.
At this point she grabs a blanket and drags herself to the kitchen, but on the way she turns up the heat so the furnace will kick in, then when she gets to the kitchen she lays down in front of the heat vent by the kitchen sink.
At 6:30 I have to wake her back up.
"Come on Megan you need to get going because you only have half an hour now...hurry up!"
And don't forget that she has a few extra things to do before school due to the fact that she is a diabetic and needs to do blood sugar, insulin and pack said items. Ugh!!

I tell ya...the kids that should be sleeping in are the ones that are up tapping me on the shoulder at 6:00 wanting me to turn on "Wonder Pets" (thank you Jessi!), and the ones that should be up getting ready at a bright and early hour are the ones that are sleeping in trying to avoid the inevitable. By the time my hubby is in and out the shower in the morning most of my tiny kids are up and making noise. I mean is it normal to have to listen to Word World and watch Curious George getting into trouble at 6:45 am? I would love to find a way to switch things around. Have the older and bigger people up doing what they should be doing and having all the tiny, noisy, troublmaking little ones sound asleep till nine. I can't remember the last time I had to go in to one of their rooms at 9 am wondering if they are still breathing. I know their breathing because they stand right next to my bed at 5:50 am trying to wake me up with their bodily noises....

Seriously, a mom's life is so screwy sometimes. I have new found respect for mom's everywhere each and everyday of my life. What we do in one day, what we deal with and the juggling act warrants prizes for all of us. I think we all deserve "mom of the year" almost everyday!

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  1. I have the Erma Bombeck cartoon in my head. The one where she is Moby Dick and her three children are standing by the bed staring at what washed up onto the beach. This picture pops in everytime I think of Jessi poking you at five am.