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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Your incorrigible

I have days....days where I am too tired to even want to hear the name "mom". There are lots of those in fact. However, there are also days where I not only like it, but love it. I liked being young...and silly. I still like being young and silly. Just last year my friend Polly and I were playing spies throughout the neighborhood while on one of our nightly walks. Hiding behind trees and mailboxes. Those types of moments are the moments when I love being around my children. I have so much fun dancing and making a good video with them in the kitchen.

Last night I got them on video doing the "Hoedown Throwdown". The only thing that was wrong was that I wasn't in the video with them. I need to have Kenna teach me so that we can re shoot it. I admit, I am incorrigible. I like to play, I laugh at a good bodily noise and I am all about fun. I am sure my husband thinks he's got an over sized teenager with me around sometimes. There's been more than once at dinner when someone does something...and I am the first one trying to stifle a laugh because the offender did something that most definitely should not have been done at the dinner table. My sense of youth and irreverence gets the better of me in those moments...and I get myself in as much trouble as the kids do.

I also love to hang out with my daughter and her friends. When they get to teenage hood they become so much fun. I love to laugh...I love to make jokes. Some of McKenna's friends have been very content to come over and hang out... with me... :) Right now I have an ongoing joke with Kenna's friend Joey. He keeps making "momma" jokes to Kenna and I have told him he owes me a frosty. He won't pay up. I have threatened to call his "momma", but so far it's not working.

Last summer we were invited to go to a pool party with some of the neighbors. I thought "Hey..pools are fun..." No....this pool was to die for. It was a mini water park. Slides, cliffs to jump off of...waterfalls. Most of the adults got in the water with the kids, and played for a while. By the end of the evening though I was still jumping off the cliff long after the other adults has gotten out and assumed a position of "adults talking to adults while the kids play". I was still playing with the kids....and loved every minute of it!

I love youth. I love that sense of freedom, that sense that your entire life is still ahead of you and the world can be yours. Sometimes I envy my kids, their entire life is still ahead of them. They have so much to look forward to. I would love to be young again.

Then I think about going through high school again and then I change my mind....don't want to be young again. I think I am happy with just being an over sized child who can have fun and relate to her kids. I see nothing wrong with that. Unless it's during church...then I might get in trouble!

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