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Friday, August 6, 2010

The MIA husband...

It's been 8 days since we saw him. I have gone longer than this before and I am sure it won't be long before he is on another business trip or a fun trip with his brother. But I have to say that these trips where he goes hiking are the worst. Not because he is gone. I have grown accustomed to him leaving. He goes at least twice a year on "training" trips for work. At least once a year something else also comes up like an occasional ski trip with his brother, or when his grandmother died and he went to California with his family, or other such things. But the hike is hard just becuase there is no cell phone access where he is.

He and his brothers and dad like to go hiking way up in the Uintahs where they cannot be found. They take everything for a week on their backs with them, filter their own water and try to choke down a few fish while they are at it. Now in the past this trip has been more or less uneventful from my end. My kids do their thing, I do mine and we just get happy when dad finally comes home. This time has been different. It's longer for one. Me and the kids went to Vegas for a few days, but we left 2 days before Jon even left, so that tacked on 2 days to not seeing each other. Then on the way home from Vegas our van broke down. I had to figure out what to do, in the dark, on the freeway with nine scared kids. I had to pull out that independent Julie that goes dormant when the hubby is around to take care of such things. I had the car towed, got the kids home safe and sound (or Mark and Kambri Jackman did) and then found a place to have to car towed to and get an estimate on to fix it.

While we are singing songs of woe, lets not forget that we came home to a broken down washing machine. Kelly came over just yesterday to fix that and boy am I grateful for that one!

This has not been the greatest week to date. I feel sorry for Jon when he comes home and I hit him with everything that has gone on this week. He might just run right back to those hills he's been in all week. I would if I could...that's forsure!

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  1. I can relate that is for sure. Bill and Tanner have been gone for going on day 11. and my car has broken down 2 times. I am sure it is times like these that makes us stronger women!