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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What would she think?

So many beautiful faces. Blond, red, brunette...small and sweet. They always love grandmas and grandpas. Its in their blood from the day their born. Grandparents are their advocates, they spoil them and love them no matter what. When mom and dad have reached that tired, can't handle another moment place grandma and grandpa step in and take over.

Betty and Kent have airheads and Bud. Lego men, tennis courts and food to die for (Betty is an amazing cook). They love to spend time there. Their faces light up when they see grandma and grandpas faces. They especially love it when grandpa comes over on his motorcycle.

Fred and Frances have Sophie, fish in their backyard and the best neighborhood pool in three counties. Their faces light up when they see the "broken grandma and grandpa". Grandpa takes them to rodeos, the circus and on the boat. Time spent there is time that is priceless.

What would she have thought? I often wonder. I have had so many kids, she has more grand kids than any of her sisters (I believe). Between the four of us theres currently 12 and chances are there might be one or two more. My sisters tell me that she loved Taylor so much(she was the only one that she ever had the chance to be with). They tell me that she loved being a grandma and would have loved it that much more with more to love. I wish she could have had that. I am often sad for what I didn't get out that relationship, but I am learning. I am learning that it's not always about me. What about everyone else? What about the kids? They didn't get to know her either. They see pictures, they admire the elephants that were hers and they ask questions. Questions that I can't answer, but I tell them to ask Lori, Lisa and Tracy. At least they have that. They can get to know her in some way through the people in her life that loved her most. They see pictures and can now recognize her in photos they see.

Skyler is currently the baby...only by a few weeks. Carson isn't much older, but Sky is still the baby. He has strawberry blond hair and fair skin that turns bright red in the sun. Even his scalp. He is a true ginger, the first for my family. I think he is the first true ginger out of all the grand kids so far. I tell Lori he looks like her with that blond hair and fair skin. She tells me that came from Susie. What would she have thought? I like to think when she saw him it made her smile. I like to think that when she saw the legacy that was Susie....the legacy that is all of her grand kids it would make her smile. Those amazing kids that love each other so much that every time they are together they love each other so wonderfully that we have to pull the kids apart. My children cry when the cousins leave, or we leave them. Susie would have loved seeing that. Feeling that.

What would she have thought? I think that she would have thought that through the pain and hard times, there was light. The light that could be found in the eyes of each and every little face that would have loved looking into her eyes. That's what I think.

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