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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Me and my sister Lisa :)
My friend Polly is in Hawaii right now. I have to say that as this week approached I seriously thought I would be dying of jealousy. I have to admit, I would love to be in Hawaii right now, I really would. However, there is a however.

I am not nearly as jealous as I thought I would be. I also had something to look forward to this December, aside from Christmas and all, and it was my trip to Vegas. How many times can a girl go to Vegas before she gets sick of it? Apparently a million times for this girl. I was looking forward to the testing for Megan, hoping and praying for some real answers, and we got them. It's not really good news, but at least we know now what we are dealing with and how to move forward. That was so liberating and validating for me. Someone was finally listening to me, hearing me. This doctor cares, my sister cares and it shows in their efforts for Megan. They will never know how many years I have searched for answers and how good it feels to find someone who is willing to help us find them! That all by itself made the trip worthwhile.

Second to that, and at times first and foremost was spending time with my family. By the end of our trip me and my sister were calling each other sister wives. We shopped together, ate, lounged, watched tv, talked and who knows what else. I ran errands and took the kids to the bus stop, picked them up from the bus stop and helped shop for Tracy and Chris since they were stuck at home with a very sick little boy. I got to be a genuine part of everyday life with my family and it meant the world to me. My heart has ached for that and it felt so good that it was almost impossible for me to leave.

I have to admit that looking back at this December if I were given the choice to go to Hawaii to hang for a week, or go to Vegas to hang for a week, I would choose Vegas. Now, in the future I may need that Hawaii trip to save my sanity, even as I sit here I listen to my kids fight. But for now what I really need is family time.

I love you Lori, Lisa and Tracy. I love your hubbies, I love your children and I even love all your pets. I love the Strip, love the palm trees, even the fake ones, love 60 degrees in winter, love the Gin Mill, Black Mountain and everything else associated with you all down there! But most of all I love the fact that you have loved us back. That means more to me than any beach, any ocean swell and any amount of sand. And for those of you that know me, that is saying something!

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