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Friday, December 3, 2010

My christmas ditty

One day, two days maybe three.
"I wanna do it now!"
How many more days till we put up the tree?

It snows, it's cold,
the bottom of my pants are constantly wet,
get to the store before that toy is sold.

Run around town, look high and low,
gotta find that "thing",
jump up and down, look to and fro.

Christmas lights, soft sweet glows,
late at night
people love it and it shows.

Sit quietly while the kids are asleep,
sit in the couch alone
My mind wanders but I don't make a peep.

Savior's birthday, think of Him
I try to teach my kids,
The importance of the season is sometimes dim.

I fret and I stress,
I cry and I weep,
don't want to see the decorations as a "mess".

Look at me, look at my home,
Christmastime has come,
Why do I feel alone?

Running here, running there,
put up lights
Do we have to have them going up the stairs?

Listen to me, Scrooge it might be,
I will get over it,
Just wait and see.

This is my favorite time of year, and my least favorite. Just depends on the moment you ask me. My kids love it and I always put on a good front for them, they deserve all their hearts desire and then some. They deserve to feel the magic of Christmas the way I did when I was a child. I miss that magic...

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