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Monday, December 13, 2010

A walk in the park

My very favorite thing to do I think, walk. It's a simple activity that allows you time to think, reflect and hone in on feelings. I have spent so much time in my life walking. I would have everyone in my life know that you have walked with me, every step of the way.

Snow College was such an amazing place. The campus was within walking distance of just about anyplace in town and I would walk, and walk and walk. With my headphones in and just a jacket my feet would take me to every square inch of that town. Old cemeteries with tombstones that were worn down with age and seemed to be sinking into the ground. Old houses born in hard work and labor that then stood with plaques on them to tell the stories of the people a hundred years ago that built them and loved them. It was never hot there, just too high altitude, but it would get cold. In the wintertime it would dip below zero and I would still walk. I would bundle up, put on my walking shoes and leave long before the sun came up. Some would consider this dangerous, but to me it was peaceful and quiet. The snow would be fresh under my feet, just enough to crunch as I stepped and the air was cold and black. I loved to think and walk on mornings like that. Everyone of my college friends and roommates walked with me those mornings. Maybe not in body, but they were with me. I take all the people I know with me when I go on a journey, whether it be long or short, I take you all with me.

Now. I take walks when I can, and most days it's with someone else. Usually Polly. But every now and again I go alone. My mind seems to work it's best when I am walking and I only wish I could take the laptop with me to write while I walk. I might just get out words that could compare to some great writers. But maybe then again I give myself too much credit. When I walk now I take my kids with me, thinking of each and every child as I trod along. I take Jon, so so often Jon walks with me. My parents, Susie, my sisters and brothers and my friends. My mind and soul are lost in the sound of my feet on the pavement and I let the pavement absorb so much pain, hurt and loss while I allow the beautiful sights and smells around to fill me with hope, joy and contentment.

I walk to think. I walk to work it out. I walk to put away the bad and bring out the good. I don't run. It isn't a time when I feel like I have to be hurrying. It's good for my body but it's essential to my mind. Lately my walks have been with very specific people and events. I try so hard to bring certain people with me at times, and at other times I let my feet and mind determine who's with me. I love to walk. Just know that so often you are all with me on my journey, even without knowing it, you are. Walk with me my friends, walk with me.

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