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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family and the holidays

I am forty years old. So if you do the math on that I have spent 40 years on this earth, 8 major holiday's a year (give or take depending on what you feel is a major holiday) which comes to roughly 320 holidays in my lifetime. That doesn't include my birthday, which I guess I should. Anyway....out of those 320 holidays I have spent zero with my biological sisters. That's none, 0, zilch, nada....you get the picture. After spending this last week with my sisters down in Vegas I have to say that this season as we approach Christmas I am feeling it.

Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter and even holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, Halloween, you name it. None of them. I got a bit of a taste this year when my niece Maddie came for Halloween...and for the first time in my life I have pics of someone from that side of my family in a holiday pic...and it was wonderful. I want to remedy that...but it takes money. Money to drive down to Vegas, money to afford a hotel, money for food and of course time to do it all.

I guess for all that blathering it all boils down to the fact that I miss my sisters. As we make plans with my folks, with Jon's family and even friends, I don't get to see my sisters for Christmas and it makes me sad.

I think I just miss them. A lot.

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  1. 13 cents to the holiday travel fund. More coming as I do laundry. :)