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Friday, February 4, 2011

Go to bed!

I swear, kids fight tooth and nail the one thing I would give my left arm for. Sleep. Why is that? It's only when they become teenagers that they begin to get this concept, but by then you don't really mind if they are up at insane hours. When they are tiny it's a different story.

6:10 am. I am abruptly woken by a fierce poking on my left shoulder. I spin around in bed, heart pounding and eyes blurry to find Jessi standing there, wide eyed and ready to go. "Mom, can I watch Spongebob?" I say pretty much the same thing every single time. "Jessi, it's way too early to be up...." "I'm not tired, can I watch tv?"
This is our routine every morning that I don't already have to be up to get the kids ready for school. Do you know how annoying that is in the dead of summer when most of the other kids are actually still sleeping? Of course, when the tv goes on, and the cupboards start to open and close (Jessi has to eat while she is watching), Joe and Colby are promptly up and going. So, there I am, bright and early on a Saturday morning, with kids that should be sleeping. Not fun.

I want it, they don't. I crave it, they fight it. I don't understand why they don't want it and all I want is it. Contradiction for sure. Oh well, someday my home will be too quiet and I will crave the days when tiny hands and a cute little faces grace the side of my bed. I am sure I will miss the days when the precious voices of my children are the only thing I want to hear first thing in the morning. Until then, I guess I will just have to grab a cat nap whenever I can.

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  1. That last paragraph...yes...I'm there. The sad thing is that when you get old---er. It's really hard to sleep. Body clock thing, totally messed up, as well as the inner thermostat. Gah!! Good luck.