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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Above 40....

I have to say that in all honesty I want to move south. I have lot's of reasons for this but the most compelling one for me is the fact that I have nine children. Nine children and a relatively small home. In the dead of winter it's so cold and mucky, and slushy that it's almost impossible to play outside. It's ok for an hour or so, with tons of winter garb on, but more than that isn't likely. The kids are indoors, bugging each other, completely bored.

These last few days have been heaven on earth. The kids have played outside, we had a picnic at the park and there has been more energy spent in the last several days than the last two months combined. It's so good for them and me. We are all happier.

I will say to my credit my kids may watch their fair share of tv, especially in the winter, but come nice weather they want to be outside. They can't get out there fast enough once the sun is up and they stay out until its too cold to stand it any longer. I love the warm weather, and not just because I hate being cold, but because it is so good for my family.

Sun, heat, warmth, swing sets, trees, grass, swim pools, bikes, picnic's, zoo's....you name it....I love it all!

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  1. Me too. I used to hate the heat of summer, but now that it means healthier kids, picnics, trips to the park, kicking a ball around, swimming, fun in the sun...the list is endless I love summer. Almost as much as the fun we get to have together, is the house work I get done when they play outside and let me stay inside to clean with out worrying about little hands "helping" :)