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Friday, February 11, 2011


What makes us a mom? Everyday I learn new things about being a mom. You become a mom when you become pregnant. I know several ladies who have never been able to meet their children because they left this earth way too soon, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are moms.

What makes me a mom? Long nights with a crying four year old who is in pain, and yet through the fatigue and exhaustion I am still able to cuddle, stroke his hair and kiss his cheek so softly.

When my day has been long, I have spent hours on the phone with mortgage companies, friends, my mom and utility companies I am still able to sit and listen while my oldest goes over every detail of her aerobics class, even though I would like to just shut my ears off for a while.

Listening to my daughter yell and my other daughter and somehow I find the humor in the situation and find myself giggling quietly. But quiet enough not to make the first kiddo that much more angry.

Hours spent in a emergency room with my son while his mouth is stitched up and I am still able to go to the store, do two loads of laundry, carpool and a load of dishes before dinner time.

Get up Sunday morning to push 10 people in and out of the shower, find Sunday clothes, socks and shoes, make it to church on time and I am still able to receive the gift of the spirit as the opening song is sung...despite the fact that two people already have to go to the bathroom.

I find that I am not embarrassed to be seen in my silver 15 passenger van with all the little faces staring out the window at all the people in their expensive sporty suv's and I find that I am proud of what I have.

Playing wii with my kids while the neighbor kids stand in awe because their mom's don't play video games. Why not? Being young is only a state of mind after all.

I listen, learn, and grow with my children. I am human and they know it. We are on this journey together...I am not better than them, I am not more important than they are and The Lord loves them as much as me...probably more...

What makes me a mom? I laugh with my kids, I cry with my kids and my kids are my life. I was born to be a mom, so why not be it to the fullest? I have a lot to give, I am good with kids and I do not mind that there are so many of them that need me. I will always be there for them, they are number one in my life. Others can go out and work, find their way in the world and contribute a lot. For me though? My place in this world is right here in my own home with all these beautiful children. I am home.

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