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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Get Away!

Everyone loves them...those anticipated wonderful getaways. I recently had one. Boy those things are good for the soul. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and my children. When I am gone I do genuinely miss them. I will say though that I need some times away to get myself together again. I am a mom and a wife, but I am also a woman, sister and friend.

So I recently took a trip to Vegas to visit 3 of my sisters. It was wonderful. Polly and I packed up her mustang (Never again. Those cars are nice to look at....I hated driving it all over Vegas!), and sped off into the sun, to go to Sin City...

When I go to Vegas without the family I always stay with my sister Lori. She does not have any children and therefor is the smartest place to stay. Best choice. Not that I don't love Lisa and Tracy as much as Lori...but they have kids. That is what I had just spent 7 hours worth of driving to get away from....kids! Lori's house is the best option. Plus the company is great....truly!

We go out to eat, we drive, we veg and hang out, we bug my sisters and hit some casinos for some fun that you can't have here in Utah. (Don't panic anyone...I only lose a little money...you can take the woman out of the mom at times, but never the mom out of the woman. I could not rationalize losing more than about 40 bucks!) But it sure is fun to be somewhere other than my own kitchen sink doing dishes or under my toilet scrubbing pee off the floor. Money, lights, food and great company are what it's about in Vegas and I like to enjoy the atmosphere when I am there.

After getting to sleep in, showering when I want to and eating food that does not have backwash in it from other little people I pack up to go home. I actually like this part. For there are two things I learn from these getaways....#1 I love to go away and spend some time getting to know myself again....enjoying simple pleasures and #2 I love to go home to the hubby and kids because when all is said and done I wouldn't trade that life for anything. I just need a breather from it every now and again!

Love ya Lori, Lisa and Tracy for humoring me on these ventures! And Thanks to Jon for taking over so that I can not worry about the kidlets while I am gone!

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