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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a big one...

I have many flaws. Many. One of them though is my mouth. It just does not know when to shut up at times. I love to talk. I love to write. But there are times when it should shut up and times when I should not write what I do.

You know it's bad when the kids have a problem or an issue and the first thing they say is "Please don't tell anyone this!" "Of course honey, why would I?", "Mom...you tell everyone everything..." I am sorry to say that its too often true. Where did I get this quality? I have no idea but it often gets me in trouble.

I think some of it comes from anxiety. I talk to alleviate my own stresses. I talk to calm myself down, I talk to put to rest my fears. Then I take it one step further and I write and write and write. I write in my journal everyday. I write on office...at least a couple times a week. I even text like I am a teenager....then there is this blog. I only write here 4 or so times a month. Only.... :)

Maybe there is something I should be doing with all of this because if you ask me what my talents and interests are it never includes writing. Singing, being friends, handling lots of chaos...and so on. But never writing. I think I should take a writing class and do something with all of these thoughts, emotions and rantings and write a book...maybe even make some money. I have plenty of topics...my kids, my life growing up, my adoption....you name it. Plenty of material.

If you ever come across a writing of mine that makes you wonder how crazy I am, or makes you think you might never want to talk to me again, just try to keep in mind the source and take it with a grain of salt....it's just me!

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  1. You could and should write the most amazing story about your adoption and meeting Sue and your sisters. That's a great one. You've begged me to do it, but my dear, that's your story.