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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crunching numbers....

I have decided that along with being a nurse, teacher, driver, cook, maid, best friend plus many more things to my family I am also a bean counter....

So here was my effort to count beans....

10 children, 1 dog and a big hubby always needing something. 3 diabetics, 1 bi-polar and at least 5 stressed kids. And not 1 penny to get therapy for anyone.
4 car pools, 8 hours to do it in and at least 3 neighbors to coordinate with. 4 different start times and at least 100 excuses as to why we were going to be late again.
7 lunches for kids at school, 3 for kids at home and please don't forget the 1 dog, who eats twice a day.
1 dinner every evening and more than 10 complaints as to what it is and when it will be served. 3 courses, 2 spilled waters and a few tantrums later we start on the 100 dishes from the meal. All 11 want a desert, and why is there always 1 short in a box treats?
7 days a week, 15 loads of laundry, not including the 10 beds with bedding and the 4 blankets the dog has chewed on this week. We have to hope Lacie only took 4 or 5 blankets outside to sit on while drinking soda and eating gushers.....
15 stairs that I climb at least 24 times a day and only run out of breath half of those times. At least 10,000 steps that dont do much against 170 pounds and not much at all for my 1 ego.
1 husband that calls 3 nights a week to tell me that he is going to be late again. 2 of those nights 10 min to curse that husband out and 5 min to gather myself and keep going.
2 dollars in the bank account, 21 dollars needed for the 3rd can of formula this week and a little bit of hope that things will change soon.
1 religion, 10 times a week where I wonder if I am doing everything right and 1 still small voice that tries to reassure me that all is well.
2 vacations this summer, 1 trip to Lagoon and 4 months to recover financially.
12 tears over a skinned knee, 2 days worth of tears over a new diabatic and a lifetime of tears of joy for the trust the Lord has in me by letting me be the 1 to wipe those 12 tears over the skinned knee.
1 best friend, 10 more best friends and 1 tragedy that makes me realize that anyone can be a best friend when you need them.
2 families, lots of siblings and numerous cousins who make life fun, interesing and just plain good.
1 date with my hubby that leads to 6 phone calls from home over 3 fights and numerous names being thrown around my 1 lowly home.
1 day to decide that I am doing everything I should, 1 day to decide that I am a good person and 1 day to decide that Lord holds us all in his hands.
10 minutes to read about my insane life and all the hundreds of crazy things that go on every single day......

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