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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why can't this moment last?

When I got pregnant with our first son I surprised myself with how excited I was to have a boy instead a girl. We had 2 girls at the time and I loved them dearly. Growing up I had always wanted girls and was so happy to have 2 in a row. But as the boy approached I was so happy. Names were hard. That never changed...not for 4 boys did it. Skyler we named while staring at him in the hospital and I was still second guessing myself for the next 6 months. But we finally came up with a name for the first....Isaac.
As time went on I found it fun to be doing the boy thing. Blue and red clothes...cars and trucks for birthdays and he wanted to run everywhere. He was a lot of fun to have around.
I knew I had myself a "son" when one day when he was only 2 years old I saw him picking my flowers out of my garden. I didnt say anything, I just watched him. He was being so gentle about it, and as anyone knows boys are generally not gentle. When he had finished his task he came up to me and gave me the flowers with an "I love you mommy"....
I liked having a boy.
When the next one came along I was just as excited. We named him Joseph and I was happy that Isaac had a brother. More trucks and cars, more blue clothes and more cuddling with mom. Joe was my biggest cuddler. He loved to snuggle in and rub my arm with his hands. I had always felt a connection to him and we were like two peas in a pod for the first few years of his life.
Our third son is a daddy's boy. But still has that sweet little glean in his eye for me. Boys and their moms have a really tender relationship and this held true for each one of our sons. I adore them all.
Skyler is my baby boy and just plain the baby. He gets more attention than a person should have in their lifetime and yet he seems to roll with it just fine. In the middle of the night his cries soften when he hears my voice. Early in the morning when he is up before me I glance over to see him smile big when he sees me. I love that. It makes a wonderful start to any day.
The soft side is great and I wouldnt trade it for anything. But I also have such a love for the humor. One day not too long ago my oldest Isaac, who is wedged between four sisters, came up to me saying how bored he was. He wandered around for a while, found a snack and as he bounded down the stairs the last thing I heard him say was "If you need me I will be down stairs torturing the girls!"....I had to laugh at that one. Too funny.
As I go to sleep every night I have to remember why it is I do this everyday. Why I stay home and clean all day and drudge my way through 3 stinky toilets and tons of laundry. It's for moments like while sitting here at the computer trying to write, Isaac comes up to me, trying to avoid bedtime and giving me the fourth hug of the evening. "Go to bed Isaac.....now!" His response? "Why cant this moment last?"
He went to bed, I laughed my butt off......

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