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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Over the next few weeks I am going to write each and every one of my kids a blog entry. A little summary of their life, their accomplishments and how they help me to grow, learn and become a better parent. I have written a lot about each of my kids, just not an entry devoted solely to each one.

Today is Skyler. He has to be the easiest just because he is mostly still so small and sweet. Life is so challenging with him around and yet, he has to be the sweetest baby ever.

His entry into this world wasn't easy. After several ultrasounds while pregnant we knew he had serious kidney issues and would most likely require surgery after he was born. He came into this world after a long 14 hours of labor at 9:48pm on Halloween, with soft red hair and the signature chubby Loutensock cheeks. We didn't name him until we could get a good look at him and the name we eventually picked was not a name we had even talked about since earlier in my pregnancy...but there he was....Skyler.

His little body wasn't working like everyone else's bodies and he had to have several grueling tests at Primary Children's Hospital. At the tender age of 5 months he went into surgery to fix one kidney and the other seems to be ok. Both are still not quite normal, but they are doing the job they should and we are so grateful for the blessing of modern medicine.

After a little bit quieter three months we ended up at Primary Children's again, only this time it was for Skyler and the diabetes. I took this one hard, and I can only assume it was because after dealing with Megan's diabetes for 11 years I knew what he, Jon and I were all in for. Especially him. I sat with my baby in that hospital that had become like a second home for all the time we had spent there and I felt sad for what this poor baby had to endure the first 8 months of his life. I was feeling kind of sorry for him and for us when I decided to take him and I to the short church service there at the hospital. Skyler was feeling a lot better and I decided to take him with me. This had to be one of the most sombering experiences of my life. The room was filled to capacity...and it held a lot of people. Some parents were there alone, I can only assume it was because their little ones were too sick to be there. Some kids were there with their parents, IV poles and all. There wasn't much noise at all except the soft piano music and the chirping of the IV's for the kids. The spirit was so strong that day, like I have never felt before. As my eyes scanned the people around me there were parents crying softly, praying softly and I am sure hoping so strongly. I looked down at my feet where Skyler was playing and smiling up at me and it hit me so hard....so many of these parents wouldn't be taking their kids home. So many of these parents would have to leave that hospital without their children. I looked at Skyler and was filled with gratitude and love for my Savior who was allowing me to take my baby home. He would have a new routine, shots everyday and a long road ahead of him, but he was still with me and for that my heart wad filled with joy. I had to leave that service early because the emotion of it was a little more than I could bear. I walked away from that meeting holding tightly to my baby a little more grateful for my own set of problems.

He since then has been a joy to our family. He smiles a lot, he grins when dad comes home and he says so many cute little things. He tries to imitate everything the kids say and they are most proud of the day they taught him to say "beer"....good grief!

The presence of this sweet child in our home has taught us all patience (he cried A LOT the first year of his life), is a sweet reminder of all the good in the world and I am absolutely in love with the soft red hair (ginger to those of you who love him....). He is my baby. He is my love and I love the "wuv you's" he loves to give. Like I have said before .... he is a gift. I am sure there will be days to come when I don't necessarily feel this way, but today I do. And I am sure when the house is dark, everyone is tucked safely away in bed I will still feel this way. Gift....

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