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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Aunt

Since before I had children I have loved them. Anyone who knew me as a little one knew this about me. When my little brother Michael was born I was only 7 and half yrs old. That tender age did not deter me from trying to be his parent. After getting ready for school I would bark out orders to my mother as I was walking out the door. "Make sure you feed him when he gets hungry, and make sure you change him before you put him down for a nap!" "Yes Julie, I know what to do" My poor mom. When he was two and would get scared he would crawl into bed with me. I loved every single one of those moments with him. I do not remember one bad moment with him, not ever. He was like my baby, still is. I coddle him, I know I do. I was no better when Karlee was born. I even went as far as to dress her every Sunday morning and take her to my classes with me at church. I loved that little round faced kid so much that I often felt like she was my own. I still have the best relationship with her. She is mine. :)

I have found as an adult that I am no better with my nieces and nephews..as they have come along. With some I am closer than others. I don't get much of a chance to love some of them the way I want to. If I had more opportunity I would love them to death.

Last summer I got a hold of Kent. He is 19 now, and last summer when we got him for a day or two we had the greatest time with him. He is so awesome, and I think he had fun with us. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him.

I also have been able to get to know my nieces and nephew in Vegas more the last few years. Man do I love those kids. They are amazing kids. They are bright, beautiful and fun. I think all my nieces and nephews are though. I have 20 nieces and nephews. Phew...that's a lot. They vary in age and gender, and I even have one that is engaged. Wow...I can't believe that! So weird. Watching them grow up is wonderful. Sometimes with your own kids your so close to it it's hard to be objective. I have to be the one to do the discipline, homework and refereeing, but with nieces and nephews I don't have to raise them, just enjoy them.

I think it's sort of how a grandma feels. As an aunt you get to love, adore, pamper and spoil these kids, and when they start to misbehave you can send them home. Of course, in my eyes they can do no wrong. They are perfect to me! I have showered love and adoration on Maddie and Tay this summer and plan on doing it more if I get the chance, but I don't get to do it so much with Carson. He is still so little, we can only see him when we go to Vegas, but that will change soon enough! And then watch out Lisa...you will have me to deal with. My nephew will know me better and I plan on loving him to death!

Drake. I couldn't write this post without mentioning him. He has to be the most adorable little boy ever. He is petite with curly dark hair and the sweetest little voice. He can get away with anything at my house. I adore him. Today he called me by name for the first time. I thought he was saying something about peanut butter and jelly when I realized he was saying "Aunt Jelly". He can't say Julie yet, but I hope he never corrects himself. It made my whole day...."Aunt Jelly, Aunt Jelly". I am still beaming about it. He just rose up a bit more on my lovable list. He can do no wrong!

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  1. Love the Aunt Jelly. I might adopt it myself, just leaving off the Aunt and going with Jelly. Since my innitials are PB I can be the peanut butter and you the jelly! I always knew we were a great pair.