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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is what it is

Lisa and Lori are saying it all the time. It's kind of caught on in the family. No ones life is perfect. No ones. Some peoples problems are more apparent than others, but no one is without trials. It is what it is.

I have had my fair share of problems in my lifetime. Too many to count really. Now I know that I am not special this way, everyone is in the same boat. This weekend I found myself back at Primary Children's Hospital with Megan. I have to say that every time I am there with one of my children I am taken off of whatever high horse my butt may have been sitting on and brought right back down to reality. That hospital has a feeling about it. Despite the sorrow and hardship there is an overwhelming feeling of hope and peace there. Every corner you take you find a sweet child that is in pain and a parent whose pain can't be counted on a scale, but is just as real. There's a kinship there. No matter what language you speak, no matter what color you are there is an unspoken understanding that passes from parent to parent, eye to eye as we pass each other in the hall that faith is not lost, hope can grow strong and love can conquer anything.

This morning Megan and I went for a walk. We had to take it slow because her strength wasn't back yet. We went out to the patio on the third floor and immediately we both stopped as soon as the sun hit our faces. After being locked up for more than a day in the hospital room to machines and a bed we loved the feel of the sun on our faces...it felt so good. We wandered over to the fence and gazed out over the valley. It was a beautiful quiet sunny morning and we didn't need to say a word to each other to know how the other person was feeling. I happened to glance across at another teenage girl doing the same thing we were doing. She was hooked up to IV's, tubes and a wheelchair. As she looked at me the look in her eye was striking. It made me tear up. As I stood there fighting the tears I realized I was losing the battle. I cried for every little child in the hospital today. Every young child that hurts and longs for home and happiness was in my heart at that moment. I tried to stop the tears and couldn't, it was beyond me in that moment.

Why? Why did our children have to hurt so much? Why can't I take away their pain and just leave laughter behind? Why did I get to take my daughter home when so many parents leave that hospital without children, leaving a part of them behind and having to move forward without their little ones? I can't answer that except to say it just is. It is what it is. I thank the Lord everyday that I have been blessed with the ability to love my child so dearly and so deeply when they do hurt. Any of them. how is that possible? It just is what it is...

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