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Friday, July 2, 2010

The fourth...

Well, it's that time of year again. The time of year when my driveway gets covered with burn marks, noise reigns supreme and the kids like to throw "snap ems" at each other. Jon and the kids all love it just the same. They like to buy as many fireworks as our budget will allow and spend the days leading up to and after the 4th burning through them all.

The routine is pretty much the same every year. We invite a bunch of family and friends over. We pull out the fire pit and go to town on hot dogs and mallows. Before it even gets dark we pull out the spiders and parachutes. Those are the fireworks that the go off sky high and the kids chase down the spiders and parachutes. Once those have been exhausted and its barely dark enough the others come out. Fountains, flowers, tanks and pagodas. We burn and burn until all the fireworks are gone and we are left there, sitting in our lawn chairs in the dark wondering what to do next. This is a yearly tradition and for the most part we love it.

Now, mind you, we always have one little person that is freaked out and will stand alone in the house by the window totally afraid of the showers of sparks. Last year it was Colby, the two previous years it was Joe. Then there's kids like Ian who try to carry the fireworks around and screams like a fire engine on a rescue. That kid has no fear....we have to watch him really close.

At my in-laws home the biggest kid around is my father-in-law Kent. He sets up some tin can rocket launchers and meticulously teaches the kids how to get the most height. He loves those and the kids love them with him. I think they might be illegal...but non of us cares...they are just fun.

I have to admit bbq's and fireworks on a warm summer evening has to be one of my favorite holidays. No pressure, no stress, no shopping in the freezing cold trying to make an empty pocket book stretch....non of that. Just showers of sparks, lots of family and friends and my favorite time of year....not just summer...but summer nights. Love it, love it, and love it more.

And when the fourth is over we sit back and wait a few weeks and start all over again. We celebrate the 24th of July with the same exact routine. That day is Utah's Pioneer Day...the day in 1847 that Brigham Young and the first pioneers made it to Salt Lake....so bring it on....all of it! It's my favorite!

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