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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Colby. My boy through and through. He is more boy than all four of the other boys in my household put together, and yes I include Jon on that one. You would think that Colby was born with a truck in one hand, a transformer in the other and spiderman jammies on. Everything and anything to do with superheros, legos and cars and trucks is the first love of his life. He will wrestle with the best of them, he has a temper and is so quick to forgive. Sounds like a typical man to me.

When he was born I was so excited, not only to meet him and to not be pregnant anymore but he was my first baby to be born with an actual full head of hair. I know I spent at least two weeks admiring his beautiful jet black thick locks and to this day when I see the picture of him right after he was born I get that sweet pang of awe and love. His entrance into this world has marked 4 years of the most fun I have had with parenting to this point. I am also going completely broke trying to parent this child.

For some reason when he came into my life I became the biggest marshmallow. This sweet boy can get whatever he wants from me, without much effort. I have come to the point where I cannot take him to a store, any store because I know I will end up buying him something. He looks up at me with those huge hazel eyes and that sweet little voice and I am gone. I have resorted to sneaking out of the house without him, or telling him a flat out lie to get out of taking him with me anywhere. He gets to me like non other can.

He is also my mini me when it comes to socializing. He loves other kids and if given the chance he will spend hours with them. For instance, Polly's son Ian. Ian is Joey's age and they play together a lot. But Ian can play for hours and hours, day after day and never tire of it. Joe has days where he just wants to play alone, or stay home and doesn't want to play, but this does not deter Ian. He will just putter around my house looking for other takers on the play thing and he always finds it in Colby. This has become a bit of a problem because Ian doesn't understand that Colby isn't the same age as him and can't be running around the neighborhood on his bike alone, without someone else with him. Colby thinks it's great that he has a friend and he will follow said friend to the ends of the earth. He has played with Ian, Brad, everyone of the McCraes and even a few kids that remain nameless to me. He also has those friends here in my own home. He plays with anyone that will give him the time of day and when it comes to someone being mean to him he is quick to forgive so that they will play with him again. I wish that my kids understood how sweet this boy is and treated him accordingly. He will play till he drops and forgive easily so that the playing will never end.

I don't know what this boys future holds, but I know he will always be there for me. I know he will always be there for his siblings. His love is too strong, his demeanor is too amiable and he is too kind not to. He won't hold grudges and will love you to the end. Aside from that who knows? He is after all only four years old, but I know a good heart when I see it, and this child has a heart of gold.

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