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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My first born boy. I can say that when I was pregnant with him I felt like he was going to be a boy. I just knew. After two girls I admit I was so excited. I bought blue and red clothes, I bought trains and cars and poured through baby boy names. It was so fun. I still remember how I felt during that time and how happy I was.

His entrance into this world marked some changes. He was born just weeks after Megan was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember how worried I was that things weren't going to go well with whoever had Megan while we were gone and it was overshadowing the birth a bit. We also were living in a two bedroom house that really couldn't fit another person, although we made it work somehow. We put Isaac's crib in the living room and tried to make do. Luckily he wasn't the best sleeper and so he was always the first one up in the morning.

He was such a cute baby. He seriously looked like a little elf. I have a friend who was taking an art class when he was young and they wanted to use him as their model. I have the painting she did in my closet and I have to admit it's the cutest thing ever. He had a round (still has) basketball head and soft blond hair. Big blue eyes and a cute full pink lips put the punctuation on this cute little boy and everyone loved him.

He really didn't love everyone else though. He cried if anyone tried to hold him other than me, and I mean anyone! Even Jon was considered the enemy and it wasn't until Isaac was about 18 months old that he would let Jon hold him and love him. Stubborn kiddo is putting it mildly, but a huge heart he has.

One day when he was just two years old he displayed the sweetest behavior. The kids were in the backyard playing when Isaac bent down, plucked a few petunias and brought them to me. "I wuv you mommy" was all he had to say before I teared up. He was my baby boy and he loved me. He loved his mommy. To this day if I am crying or upset he struggles with it. He hugs me, loves me and takes care of me. He can't stand to see me upset. Boys are strong, they don't cry and they will fight to the death, but they are also blessed with such a sweet sensitivity to the women in their lives. I have seen it with dads and their daughters and husbands with their wives, but it's been so wonderful to experience it son to mother.

Isaac is smart, rowdy, a huge tease to his sisters and tends to get upset easily when he can't solve a problem, and I love him for every one of these traits. He tortures his sisters, rough houses with his brothers and takes care of me when Jon is out of town. I don't know what I would do without my football partner on Sunday afternoons. Jon said it once and it stands true, I hold a special little place in my heart for my firstborn son.

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  1. Benjamin was like that. For almost 9 months he didn't want anyone else to hold him, just mom. Even dad got an ear full. And he smiled just for me. Many took it as a personal challenge to get him to smile when I said he wouldn't, but he smiled just for me. And even though he lets others see his smiles now, they are still just for me. :)