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Friday, November 5, 2010


December 3rd is the day that this child barged her way into this world. I say barged because despite the soft blond hair and sweet smile this child is full of life and energy. She can take the sanest man and turn him insane and the craziest man and make him laugh. She is wonderful, and most people who get the chance to know her love her, and her awesome sense of humor.

As an infant she was quiet, happy and didn't give off too much personality. As she got older though that personality really began to shine. As a family we have all gotten more than one laugh from this child. It was a year or so ago that she began to reenact her favorite Tom and Jerry episodes, in detail and we would all be laughing on the floor. Not because of the content of her act, but because of her. She is so funny. My friends Angie and Michelle often get a good dose of Jessi. When I have had a baby, or been in the hospital with a child, she likes to go to their houses. They have lots of little ones themselves and she fits right in. Her humor and her comments often have them in stitches and when I get home from where I have been I usually get a great story from them about her.

I think all of this comes from a trait she might have gotten from me, my theatrical side. I loved drama in high school, went to Snow College on a theatre scholarship and to this day love it all. She is my ham. I think she might actually want to go into theater someday, which pleases me highly. Her imagination is strong, her sense of humor is abundant and her wit is sharp. But don't forget I mentioned she can make a sane man go mad. Colby, getting beaten by her for some reason (one that surely made sense to her) came running into our room crying and sobbing his story to us. From the other room we heard Jessi. I guess she didn't feel that this situation warranted her showing her face to us, she simply yelled loudly from the other room "I told him sorry like a billion times!" She emphasized the billion so strongly that I thought she sincerely thought it was a billion times. Then there's Lacie. Lacie gets the privilege of sharing a room with Jessi. Most of the time this would be uneventful, but there are times. Just the other night I heard the familiar screaming from the basement. Lacie was having a cow over something. Jon came upstairs flustered and upset and said that Lacie was praying for horrible things. Now, to this moment I do not know what Jessi was saying or doing to push Lacie to this point, but Jon had gone downstairs to break up an argument to find Lacie deep in prayer asking Heavenly Father to let Jessi "die". Jon got upset with Lacie for praying like that and Lacie ended up in tears. I can only imagine Jessi quietly gloating on the top bunk. Not only did she get Lacie that upset, but then Lacie got in trouble to boot. Little stinker....

Jessi is full of life, with a strong spirit and an open mouth. I have found after blogging about my kids that they all have that open mouth syndrome. I can only assume it comes from me. I am more or less honest and I speak my mind. Most of my kids are the same way. We all could use a bit of filtering though. But from someone as young as Jessi most of the time what comes out of that mouth is cute or just dang funny.

She is my cutie, and I love to watch her play. She is bright and happy and currently is in love with her chipmunks. She takes them everywhere with her, including school and her and her best friend Ayden McCrae often talk on the phone about them. Too cute, Jessi and Ayden, two little five yr olds talking on the phone forever about their toys. I can't imagine my life without this kid, she makes everything seem a bit brighter.

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