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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Little Lacie Whowho. This kiddo was aptly nicknamed after a Dr Suess character, Little Cindy Lou Who. She is cute, but smart. Honest but kind. We all still call her "whowho" and she happily answers to it.

Lacie is always on the move, I have never met a child that is in constant motion like she is. Even sound asleep in bed she is tapping her foot, or shaking her hands. Most would say it's ADD, but I just think it's her. Maybe it's a bit of both. When she was barely old enough to walk she would open the front door and escape. She wanted to be out, where she could run and play and explore. I was pregnant with Joe by the time she was only a sweet 7 months old, so I was constantly *trying* to chase this kid down, baby in utero and all. It wasn't long before we put latches on all the doors, that to this day we refer to as "Lacie Latches".

She is loud, but fun. When she was born the doc said, almost yelling "I have heard them cry longer, but never louder!" I love this about this kid. Yes, I love it. She has a love of life that you can hear in her voice, and everyone around her can hear. When she really gets going everyone within a mile can hear her.

But I think there are two things that I love most about this child. Number one would have to be her keen sensitivity of the spirit. She reminds us constantly to say our prayers, family prayer and to read our scriptures. My nine year old is better about these things than I am. She makes mistakes, but for her it's out of pure innocence. She tries so hard, and you can tell when you sit down and have a heart to heart with her. She wants to do the right thing.

The other thing I love about her is her sharp wit. She has a mouth on her and she's not afraid to use it. She will give you a piece of her mind, but it's usually in the form of sarcasm, and I have to admit I love it. One day when I was very pregnant with Colby I was having a conversation with her. She turned to walk away from me and I took note to how skinny she was from the backside. As she walked away I said "Ok, well see you later little skinny minnie"....her response? "Ok then old fat lady".....and I laughed hard. She cracks me up, daily.

Lacie is fun, energetic and always has someone to be with, or somewhere to go. She is full of life and has yet to see the bad things life has to offer. I think somehow though that when life really does start to throw her curve balls, she will dodge them with a smile and brush her self off like a champ when she does get hit. She is just like that. My kids are like the Sun, the Moon and Stars to me....where does Lacie fit in? The beautiful water fall that turns into a clear, rushing perfect stream....

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