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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank heaven for...

Lots and lots. I have a lot to be thankful for and I know that's the train of thought this time of year for most of us. The big things are oh so obvious and we all list those off when we are asked, especially in a public forum..."My home, my family, my income, food in our bellies and the cars to drive", but what about the little things? I think I am going to dedicate this post to the little things that we often overlook while looking at the big things.

My cell phone. I know most of the teenagers around me might say this one also, but my reasons might just be a bit different than theirs. I am so grateful the Jr High can call me when Megan's blood sugar is out of control and they can get me no matter where I am. For that matter, all of the kids schools and let me tell you, I have had my fair share of phone calls and I am grateful that I am able to be reached. My sister Tracy. We talk almost everyday via text and I am not sure how I would feel if we went more than a few days without "touching base" with each other. Silly, but true.

My eyes. For some reason this one has been on my mind today. I love the blue of Megan's eye's, I love the grin on Skyler's face when daddy comes home, the pure white of fresh snow and the bright orange and pink of a perfect sunset. But blue would have to be my favorite. When at the beach this summer I spent a huge amount of time just staring. Staring at the blue water, the white waves and the black fins of the dolphins as they swam by. I cannot imagine living never to be able to see any of these and so many other things again.

My ward. These people have become my second family and without them I would have been lost at times. Twice this last week I ended up at the hospital with kids in the ER. Both times the friends around us were there to bring in dinners, call with concern, come over with help and take the kids. I love to go to church every week because I know who I will see there and it's so comforting to know that they are people I can call friends. It's like that extra blanket you throw on your bed on a cold night, just the thing you needed to make the temperature in bed just right.

My fingers. Silly? I think not. They are what are enabling me to type this tonight. They tell me when something is too hot, or too cold. They caressed my baby's face as he was sleeping in my arms tonight. I can wrap them around a soft hot doughnut that is such a yummy comfort on a hard day. Tiny buttons on cute frilly dresses, shoe laces on my toddlers super hero shoes, the ribbons I put in my daughters hair (if she allows me to put them there), the buttons on the phone, the "open/close" tab on the 409 cleaner, the scroll on my ipod and so much more. Have you ever thought of how many things you use your fingers for and what you would do without them? Seriously!

All of you. My friends, my sisters and brothers and my family. Most everything else could go away and be lost, but the people in my life are what make my life. Every sibling, every parent (yes I have more than some!), every friend, my spouse, my 9 living children and even my 4 angels. Even those precious 4 lost babies. I am so thankful that I got to have them with me, even if it was for too short a time. I love you all and am thankful like you don't even know and understand.

I am sure I could go on and on and think of so many more things to be thankful for. Right now I am thankful that most of my kids are in bed and I can go to bed myself because my eyes are burning, my fingers are tired and the people in my life are asleep now. Good night my sweet friends. Let's hope I can dream sweet dreams and have one more thing to be grateful for tomorrow morning.

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  1. Dear Julie, Thanks for writing this. I loved reading it and can raise my hand in sustaining every word.
    I had no idea until this week how deeply those 'Angels' can touch a person's life. My daughter lost her baby this week at 20 weeks. It's been a blow to all of us but especially her. She's irrevocably changed as am I, for the better I hope. Like I said...no idea.
    Thanks again.