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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The extra

Erma Bombeck wrote a column about the extra. The extra kid at the dinner table that appears to fit in , is always there and seems to belong. The neighbor kid that just seems to live there. My extras change from time to time, but we always seem to have one.

I love having extras. Years ago it was Kenna's friend Kambri. She is just wonderful and they would hang out here for hours, making videos and singing and dancing the day away. I cannot tell you how much I missed this kid after she moved to a different city. I still miss her.

We also have Ian. He has pretty much been an extra since he was old enough to open his front door himself, and there are days where he doesn't show up and I am totally flabbergasted. I will call Polly and see if he is sick or missing, simply because we didn't get him that day. I don't think I would know what to do without him showing up everyday. It's like the universe would be out of whack without Ian trying to let himself in bright and early everyday in the summertime.

This weekend it's my niece Maddie. We wanted her, I told Lisa and she put her on a plane the same day. We got her. She fits right in, isn't fazed at all by the arguments and has found her favorite spot to be the swing out front. We sure do love having her around.

Truth be told we love having all extras around. Just because we have a big family and my kids have each other to play with doesn't mean we don't love friends. The Greens are here all the time, we sometimes get Tenley and Aspen and next month when my brothers kids are in town we plan to have them for a weekend too. We want extras, we like extras and thankfully we have lots of kids around so that we often get extras.

Point is? Send em on over folks. We love having them and would feel a definite void without them. The more the merrier I always say....

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  1. Oh good. I'll make sure Ian's there by nine everyday. Feel free to keep him all day. Since you love extras... ;)