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Monday, June 21, 2010

What did you say?

I have 9 kids. Everyone knows that....everyone. For some reason it seems to be a conversation starter. I just don't know why... ;)

Now through the years I have sat and listened to nine children learn how to speak. Acutally it's been more like 60 kids or so if you include the 45 I have had during my daycare years and all of the extras from my previous posts. I have heard some funny things in my time and it just keeps on coming.

Skyler is just learning a few new words. Truck comes out like "guck" and when he says down it's more like "dowwwwwwwwn". I love to hear their first words. Some I can tell right away what they are saying and for some it's not quite so clear.

When Mckenna was a baby she would do a "thumbs up" and say look at my fung. She also had a hard time with the letter p so when getting her out of the tub I would say "pull the plug Kenna" and she would repeat me with "full the fug". I cannot tell you how many laughs I had over that one. Jon and I would try to get her to say that over and over again just because it sounded so wrong.

Joe was another funny one. Now I am pretty sure that what he was saying he was actually saying. And I promise on this one I did not ever say this. I honestly do not know where he got this one. One day while Polly and I were hanging out I looked at her and this is how the conversation went...
"Did you hear that?"
"Joey...did you hear what he just said?"
"No, but I will listen this time"
After a moment or two she looked at me with quite a bit of surprise because she could not believe that my 18 month old boy was saying what he was saying.
"Did he just say eat shit?"
"I swear that's what it sounds like, and I have no idea where he heard it!"
What was worse was that he would draw out the shit...like shiiiiiiit.....Now, I don't know where he heard it to this day, but it was the funniest thing in the world and I will admit there was more than once where he happened to say it during church. Polly and I decided to check ourselves one day with this one. Joey was sitting there ranting on and on quietly and Polly grabbed her daughter Rebeka. She was only 9 at the time.
"Honey, what is Joey saying?"
She listened and then her eyes got real wide and she said she would not repeat what he was saying. So I am pretty sure we were not wrong on this one...too funny!

I am in love with the baby. Any baby, all babies. They are simply wonderful. I so enjoy watching them learn to crawl, walk and run. Their little bodies are just not built for that kind of stuff and yet they manage anyway. But I think my favorite milestone has to be the spoken word. I recently told Tracy that I want her to try to get Carson on video with some of his new words...I so love hearing those little people trying to talk. I will be sad when Skyler can speak circles around me and there is no more baby talk in my home.

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