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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A night off

I finally got it. A night off. I will say that I guess I have needed one more than I thought. Day before yesterday Polly came over and after spending 20 min here she looked at me and said "Boy you could use a night off". Really? What was your first clue? The constant twitching? Yelling at Jessi cause she wanted to know where her clothes were? Oh, maybe it was when Skyler got hurt and I didn't seem to much care. That must have been it! Yes...I needed a night off.

Now, this was not an easy task to accomplish. First we had to get the kitchen sink hooked up. And when I say we I meant Jon. Our countertops are in and we needed to get the sink hooked up so that we could use it. Once that was done I had to get Jon, Isaac and Joe off to the Father Son campout. There was another hour at least. Got Jon off ok and then it was on to myself. I made a trip to Ikea first to get some barstools...no luck. They didn't have what I wanted. So I gave up on that and moved on to my outing.

Now, you might think this is the easy part....just leaving. But noooo....first I get myself ready. I really don't think I should go out to The Commons to see a movie in my jammie pants, with Skylers cherrios stuck in my hair and I surely need some deoderant by now. So, I get all that done, put on decent clean clothes and spend ten minutes finding my purse. I give 10 suggestions to the three baby sitters on what they can feed the other three kids for dinner. A quick rundown on who they should let in and who they shouldn't.
"Don't let anyone in"
"What if grandma comes over?"
"Well, that's ok, but noone else"
"What if it's Brother Palmer?"
"Ok, well that's ok too.."
"Well, what if it's Angie?"
"Guys! You let in the people you know you are safe with ok?"
"What if you left your keys at home? Should we let you in?"
Hahaha, very funny guys....Five more minutes on what to tell people when they call, five minutes to go over the fact that if they take the kids outside they have to watch Skyler so he doesn't wander into the road, I have to go over at least ten rules...like NOONE is allowed on the roof, you have to turn off the burner if you cook something and you can only order one movie On Demand. Then there's the basic intructions on who goes to bed when and where, what time I'm going to be home, where I am going to be and what my cell phone number is (like they ever forget!)

Now, after going through all of this and more I finally get off to see that movie and get that precious time off....but it's no wonder that once that movie starts and the lights go down that I just simply pass out...my life is exhausting!

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