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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"I don't know..."

They told me they did. With each and every child the techs at the ultrasounds told me their brains were developing normally in utero. They say that you can't live without a brain, but I swear my kids prove that theory wrong each and every day. It's like Bill Cosby says...they all have brain damage. Cosby describes this experience where he tells the child not to drink his drink. He looks away...child quickly picks up the drink and proceeds to guzzle..."Why did you do that?" child's response..."I don't know"

Jon and I have rules...basic things that are there just for safety reasons. Yesterday while Jon and I went to take dinner to a friend of his from work whose wife had had a baby, we get a phone call from home. It's Lacie...

"Dad....when are you coming home?"
"Well, we aren't even there yet, he lives a ways out here. Why?"
"Cause Colby fell off the swing and now he has a black hole in his knee..."
"A black hole?"
"Yes, a black hole, but we put a band aid on it and he's watching tv...he wants to talk to you"
"Hi daddy, I got an owie"
"I'm sorry buddy...you going to be ok?"
"Yes, but Isaac is jumping out the window..."
"What? Let me talk to him!"
Brief silence while Isaac is beckoned...
"Hi Isaac, this is dad..."
"Hi dad!"
"Are you jumping out the window?"
"Which window?"
"The one in the dining room"
"Isaac, when has it ever been ok for you guys to jump out the window?"
"Then why are you doing it?"
"I don't know....."

This was just yesterday. There are so many more that I could relay, but really, that would be a world breaking marathon blog if I tried to write about them all. Now, after Jon hung up the phone we laughed a little, and then went on the tell each other about the times when we did dumb things when we were young. I used to tie bedsheets together and shimmy down them out of my window. Jon used to jump down his laundry shoot until the laundry baskets would split out the back and his mom was stupefied as to why the baskets never lasted. Or maybe it's that they only chose to engage said item once in a while. That is probably the most likely answer, but I wish they would use it more often. Like when riding bikes in the road. Helmut please? Or when they decide to play kickball in the house...how about not in the house guys? I have too many broken picture frames from such games.

In other words, we all have brain damage, or maybe non of us is born with a brain. Question of the year is though, when do they "grow in"? I sometimes think I have a brain, but do I? I have to wonder...and I am always wondering if the kids have brains. Always....


  1. We had brains before we had children. I think mine is still in there somewhere, but it only functions at 2% instead of 10%.

  2. I remember as a kid...caution to any children reading this DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (I had to add that so I don't get in trouble :) so when I was a kid and it was really windy outside I would tie a sheet to my wrists and ankles and jump on the trampoline. Today during the wind storm that was blowing furniture around I had this insane desire to do it, and involve the kids too. But that small voice inside called "Adult" said no so I just had my memories.