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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plans coming together...

I had a friend recently post of facebook that he loved it when a plan comes together. Don't we all love it when that happens? I know I do...so must you. But unfortunately they don't always do that...or do they?

Last Friday morning I was talking to my sister on facebook and she was telling me how one of her daughters was on a plane headed to Salt Lake to spend some time with her friend here. I said "why didn't we think to send Maddie with Taylor and she could have stayed here at my house for the weekend? She could have flown home with Tay on Tuesday..." Well...I guess it wasn't too late for that so Lisa got on the Internet, got Maddie a ticket and threw her on a plane that afternoon. It came together so nicely and we got to have her all weekend, and Lisa had some precious time alone. Plans that came together...nicely.

The going home plans. I was supposed to pick up Taylor Tuesday morning and take her and Maddie to the airport. Now sounds easy enough...truly. Not! I spent a half hour trying to get directions to get Taylor...and ended up with Lisa getting directions for us. When I heard how far out west Taylor was I had to go into overdrive, or we were gonna be really late. So Maddie and I rushed. We got on the road and let me tell you...every single road in Salt Lake is under construction right now. I wish I were exaggerating, but I am not. Every single stinkin road! So it took me far longer to get all the way out west to get Tay than I had originally planned. We got to her friends house, hugged, got her stuff in the car and headed out. Now, since I had not planned such a long trip to get her in the first place I had to keep spying nervously at the gas gauge as it was dangerously low, and at this point in the trip there was no easy place to stop for gas. We were already late, remember? So, we get all the way to the airport, pull into the parking garage and Taylor gets a phone call from Lisa.
This is all I heard...
"Hi mom...we just got to the airport."
Small pause,
"What? The flight was cancelled? Are you kidding?"
It only took a minute or two to figure out that no one was kidding. So, we knew it was going to be a while at least, so we headed home. I was very nervous that all three of us were going to end up on the side of the freeway waiting for a ride. Somehow we got off the freeway and to a gas station without any more problems and that's when it was decided that they would stay another day and take the flight out the next day, same time.

I was actually ok with that. That meant I got one more day with Maddie and at least one day with Taylor. Both the girls were happy to stay one more day and my kids were on cloud nine when I drove up with both girls in the car instead of just myself. So although it was a major pain in my backside, it all turned out great. Today when I loaded them up, things went much more smoothly. We had gas in the car, I had both girls with me and we made it to the airport in time to stop and get lunch together before they had to board their plane. Smooth as silk, no hiccups and off they went.

Just this morning Polly said "I love it when a plan comes together". Of course we all do. But what I ask is this, even when we think plans aren't going as we want them to, is it always a bad thing? Sometimes it is...surely. But then again, every now and again they don't turn out right, and we are glad they didn't. I have a friend who has a saying that I like..."If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans..."

I like it... :)

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